Viewing and Playing Back Images

Image review includes magnifying the Clear View LCD image to check for sharpness, reviewing the brightness (luminance) histogram for localized areas of overexposure, and/or reviewing the color histogram to check color saturation, gradation, and white balance bias.

And with this unprecedented ability to gauge exposure and composition on the spot, image evaluation can quickly solidify the settings for a commercial or studio shoot or alert you to the need for a quick exposure change before the light changes on a stunning landscape scene.

If you haven't already set the camera so that it won't shoot without a CF card inserted, do so now: Press the Menu button and then tilt the Multi-controller until the Shooting 1 (red) menu appears. Highlight Shoot w/o card and then press the Set button. Turn the Quick Control dial clockwise to select Off and then press the Set button again.

One of the first things you should do is change the default display time, which is initially set to 2 seconds, barely enough time to remove the camera from your eye to preview the image. I understand the display time is intentionally set conservatively to maximize battery life, but given the excellent battery performance, a display time of 4 to 8 seconds is more practical, and such a setting doesn't significantly impact the battery performance. Also, if you're showing an image on the LCD to clients or subjects and you want the image to stay displayed until you dismiss it, you can set the display time to the Hold option so the image is shown until you dismiss the playback.

To change the length of image playback review time, follow these steps:

1. Press the Menu button and then tilt the Multi-controller until the Shooting 1 (red) menu appears.

2. Turn the Quick Control dial clockwise to highlight Review time and then press the Set button. The Review time options — Off, 2, 4, and 8 seconds, and Hold — appear.

3. Tilt the Multi-controller to select the Review time option that you want and then press the Set button. If you select Hold, the picture is shown until you press the Shutter button to dismiss the display. Viewing images for a longer time depletes the battery faster. The option you choose remains in effect until you change it.

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