Shooting Function Settings

If you press the <ISO-^>, <AF-DRIVE>,<ffl-WB>, or < A> button during Live View shooting, the setting screen will appear on the LCD monitor and you can turn the <6> or <©> dial to set the respective function. The <® > metering mode cannot be set.

Q Quick Control

During Live View shooting, you can press the <Q> button to set the Auto Lighting Optimizer and image-recording quality. And with afM, you can select the AF point and set the AF area selection mode.

Press the <Q> button.

The settable functions will be highlighted in blue.

• When <Af > is selected, the AF points will also be displayed.

Select a function and set it.

• Use <9> to select a function. The setting of the selected function is displayed at the bottom.

• Turn the <©> or <6> dial to change the setting.

• When the selection of the AF point is enabled, the AF area selection mode for <A > can be selected with the <M-Fn> button.

The metering mode will be fixed to evaluative metering for Live View shooting. To check the depth of field, press the depth-of-field preview button. During continuous shooting, the exposure set for the first shot will also be applied to subsequent shots.

You can also use a remote controller (sold separately, p.110) for Live View shooting.

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