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Battery Pack BP-511

This is a powerful lithium ion secondary battery pack. The rated voltage is 7.4V. You can use the Compact Power Adapter CA-PS400 to charge the BP-511 battery pack, and when fully charged it has enough power for you to take approximately 540 pictures (Normal, with 50% flash use). Charging takes about 90 minutes.

Battery Grip BG-ED3

This is a battery grip that holds two BP-511 battery packs. It provides a shutter button, electronic dials, AE lock/FE lock button, and focusing point selection button for use in taking portrait (vertical) shots. (Can also use the DC coupler)

E-series Dioptric Adjustment Lenses

One of ten E-series dioptric adjustment lenses (-4 to +3 diopters) with eyecup can be attached to the camera's eyepiece to further expand the dioptric correction range.

EOS-Dedicated EX-Series Speedlites 550EX,420EX,220EX

Three EOS-dedicated E-TTL autoflash Speedlites are available: the high-output zoom flash 550EX, the affordable 420EX, and the compact 220EX.

The respective guide numbers of these (ISO 100 in meters) are 55, 42, and 22. All three Speedlites enable E-TTL autoflash, high-speed sync (FP flash), and FE lock. In addition, the 550EX can operate in an easy-to-use wireless, multi-Speedlite system.

Macro Ring Lite MR-14EX

This is an EOS-dedicated macro ring flash featuring twin flash tubes, guide no. 14 (ISO 100 in meters), and E-TTL autoflash. You can fire one or both flash tubes and control the flash ratio to easily obtain sophisticated lighting effects with E-TTL autoflash. Features include high-speed sync (FP flash) and FE lock. The MR-14EX can operate in a wireless, multi-Speedlite system with a 550EX Speedlite as a slave to provide a variety of macro flash effects.

Timer Remote Controller TC-80N3

The remote controller attaches with an 80-cm cord and includes built-in (1) self timer, (2) interval timer, (3) longexposure timer, and (4) shutter release count-setting function. You can set the time from 1 second to 99 hours, 59 minutes, 59 seconds, in 1-second increments. Includes a one-touch locking plug for connecting to the EOS D30.

Remote Switch RS-80N3

This is a remote switch with an 80-cm cord to prevent camera shake for super-telephoto shots, macrophotography, and bulb exposures. You can use the remote switch to press the shutter button down halfway or completely. Also includes shutter release lock and a one-touch locking plug for connecting to the EOS D30's remote control terminal.


CF Card

Memory media for storing photo images.

PC Card Adapter

This adapter allows you to use a CF card in a computer's PC card slot.

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