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You can use Live View in Program mode, Shutter and Aperture Priority Mode, and Manual Mode. To activate Live View, press the the Live View button (ii) on the back of the camera. You'll hear a clunk as the mirror flips up, and then the viewfinder will light up with your current scene.

When you switch to Live View, the Rebel T1i first shows a focusing reminder screen, and then your current scene.

Believe it or not, it's easy to forget to focus when you're shooting in Live View. As you'll see, focusing your SLR in Live View mode is more complicated than focusing a point-and-shoot camera that has an LCD viewfinder. And because the screen's so small, you won't necessarily notice if an image is slightly out of focus.

So, when you first switch to Live View, the camera will put up a reminder to focus, as well as remind you of how to trigger autofocus. After a moment, the reminder will disappear, and your scene will appear.

TIP: Dismiss the Focus Reminder

If you're in a hurry to shoot and don't want to wait for the focus reminder to time out, give the shutter a half-press to dismiss the reminder screen.

The camera shows status information, including current ISO, number of shots remaining, and exposure compensation. After you half-press the shutter button, you'll also see shutter speed and aperture. Just like in playback mode, you can press the DISP button to see additional status information. As with normal shooting, a half-press of the shutter button will meter your scene and display a shutter speed and aperture. However, note that it doesn't focus.

Pressing the DISP button toggles through other Live View display options.

QUESTION: What If Live View Doesn't Activate?

If you press the Live View button and Live View doesn't activate, then go to the first Tools menu and choose the Live View function settings. Then, change the Live View Shoot setting to Enable. Also, note that Live View doesn't work when you're using a Scene mode (except for Movie mode).

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Digital Cameras For Beginners

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