Auto Bracketing

The T1i includes an auto bracketing feature that will perform an automatic exposure change for you, making it simple to take a bracketed set of shots.

1. To activate auto bracketing, choose Expo.Comp./AEB from the second shooting menu "Expo Comp" stands for "Exposure Compensation," which you've already learned about. "AEB" stands for "Auto Exposure Bracketing." When you select Expo.Comp/AEB, you'll be taken to a new screen that lets you specify both a bracketing amount and an exposure compensation amount.

2. Use the Main dial to define a bracket amount. As you can see, the bracketing scale is divided into stops, with 1/3rd-stop increments. In the figure below, you can see a bracket that defines three steps, each one stop apart. (Note that auto brackets on the Rebel are always three steps.)


The bracket you've selected will be shown on the rear LCD as well as in the viewfinder status display.

3. When you've selected the bracket that you want, press Set. Note that a half-press of the shutter button will not confirm your selection; you must press Set.

4. Now take a picture. That shot will be exposed as the meter recommends, and the camera will automatically be adjusted to underexpose by the amount indicated in the AEB setting.

5. Notice after you take the first shot, the bracketing indicator on the T1i status displays begins flashing. This indicates that you're currently in the middle of a bracketed set. When these indicators are flashing, you know that your next shot will either be over- or underexposed, depending on where you are in the bracket.

6. Take another picture. That shot will use your underexposed setting, and the camera will automatically be adjusted to overexpose by the AEB amount.

7. Shoot a third and final shot. This will end your bracketed set.

Your next shot will be fired as metered, because now you're into a new bracketed set. In this way, you can easily fire off three shots and have a fully bracketed set.

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Digital Cameras For Beginners

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