How Shutter Speed Choice Affects Your Image

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Trick Photography and Special Effects

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This next bit should be pretty intuitive. As you choose a faster shutter speed, you will have more ability to freeze motion in a scene. That is, when the shutter is open for a very short time, a moving subject will be frozen. When the shutter is open for a longer time, a moving subject will be blurry and smeared.

With a slower shutter speed, you can blur your subject to create a more dynamic image.

You may think that blurry and smeared is inherently bad and that you would always want your images sharp and clear. But consider the following two images:

In this image, the slower shutter speed lets us see the movement of the rides.
In this image above, the faster speed makes the rides look like they're sitting still.

If we shoot this scene with a fast shutter speed so that it is completely frozen, then we no longer see this as a moving Ferris wheel. In fact, it looks stopped. Blurred motion is often a way to introduce a dynamic feel to your images. When shooting a dynamic scene, you'll want to think about what best conveys the sense of dynamism that you feel there. Is it a perfectly frozen, fast shutter speed choice? Or a blurred, slow shutter speed choice?

There's another concern with shutter speed, which is the fact that your hands and body aren't always steady. You don't want to choose a shutter speed that's so slow that the natural shakiness of your hands will cause the image to be soft or blurry. In Chapter 6, we'll discuss how to calculate the slowest possible shutter speed for handholding in any given situation.

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