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There will probably come a day when you will accidentally delete an image, or even accidentally format your camera's media card. You might be able to recover deleted images from your camera's media card.

The reason it's possible to recover files that have been erased is that when you delete a file, the camera doesn't actually erase the image data. Instead, it removes that image's entry from the directory of contents on the card and marks that image's space as available. Even if you have already shot more images, the image data for a deleted image probably hasn't been overwritten. Special recovery software can construct a new directory to your deleted files. When you realize you've deleted an image that you want to recover, immediately stop shooting with that card. Take it out of the camera and use a different card until you get back to your computer.

Normal file recovery software (the type you use with your computer) won't work for your camera's media cards. My favorite media card recovery software is PhotoRescue from Data Rescue. You can download a fully functional version of PhotoRescue for free from The free download lets you analyze your card and shows you which pictures, if any, it thinks it can recover. If you see images you want to recover, you can then pay the $29 purchase price to unlock the software and perform the recovery. What's great about PhotoRescue is that you don't have to spend anything to determine whether you can recover your lost images.

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