Single shooting

The Drive mode menu lets you choose single shooting, continuous, self-timer with remote control, 2-second self-timer, or continuous self-timer.

Press the right arrow once to select Drive mode (or turn the Main dial), and then press Set. The current Drive mode is shown on the T1i's rear status screen.

The current Drive mode is displayed on the camera's rear status display.

To shoot with Drive mode, you do all the same things you do for ordinary, singlemode shooting. Press the shutter button halfway to autofocus, make sure the camera is focused properly, and then press the button the rest of the way to take the shot. Now, though, as long as you hold the shutter button down, the camera will continue to shoot, bursting away at a maximum of about 3.5 frames per second. In the viewfinder status display, you'll see a number that counts down as you continue to shoot.

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Digital Cameras For Beginners

Digital Cameras For Beginners

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