Slideshows in the Field

The T1i can automatically play a slideshow of the images on its card. To start a slideshow, follow these steps:

1. Go to the second Playback menu.

2. Choose Slide Show. You'll be presented with the Slide Show menu.

The Slide Show menu lets you configure the Rebel's slideshow playback.

By default, the slideshow will show all of the images on the camera's card. Use the arrow keys to highlight All Images, and then press Set to cycle through additional options. You can choose to show only stills or movies, or select a date to show only images shot on that date.

Select the Set Up button and click Set to view the Set Up menu, which allows you to change the duration of each slide, as well as whether the slideshow repeats.

Slide show

Play time Repeat

You can specify a duration for each slide, and set the slideshow to repeat.

5. Press Menu to return to the main Slide Show menu. Highlight Start and press Set to start the slideshow. The Disp button will cycle through the various display modes (histogram, three-channel histogram, etc.), just as it does when you're viewing an individual image. While the slideshow is playing, you can use Set to start and stop the show, and you can cancel the show at any time by pressing Menu.

Obviously, if you have connected the T1i to a video monitor, then the slideshow will play on that screen. Otherwise, it will play on the camera's LCD screen.

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Digital Cameras For Beginners

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