The Light Meter Revisited

In Chapter 1, we looked at the T1i's light meter, which analyzes the light in your scene to determine an exposure that will yield an image that's neither too light nor too dark. The light meter is activated every time you half-press the shutter button, and while the automatic metering in the T1i is very good, it can be confused and won't always calculate the best exposure for every scene. For example, consider this image:

Bad backlighting is leaving the subject's face in shadow.

We've looked at a bad backlighting problem before. Because of the bright background, the camera is biasing its metering toward the brighter portion of the image, and the resulting exposure leaves the person underexposed. But you'll find that other problems can also crop up from mismetering, most notably an inability to render black tones as real black. We'll look at both of these problems and see how they can be easily addressed using a few simple tricks and controls. Let's start with the backlighting problem.

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