Using Only The Center Focus Point

some people like to set the focus point on the center point to gain better control of the camera's autofocus mechanism. The technique works like this: set the T1i to the center focus point, and from now on you'll know that the camera will always focus on the center. If you have a tricky composition, you can place the center focus point on your subject, press the shutter button down halfway to lock focus, and then reframe while continuing to hold down the shutter button.

Center Point Focus

To guarantee that the bridge was in focus, I switched to center-point focusing, focused on the bridge, and, with the button held down, reframed my shot to get the composition I wanted.

As you know, once you've locked focus, the camera will hold it until you release the shutter button or press it the rest of the way to take a picture. so, once you've locked focus, you can reframe as much as you want without losing that focus. when you have the image composed the way you want, press the button the rest of the way to take the picture.

The advantage to this technique is that you don't have to pay attention to where the camera is focusing. Instead, because you've made the decision, you always know what the camera is focusing on. Also, the center focus point calculates focus on both the horizontal and vertical axes; the other points only look horizontally. This means the center point can have an easier time focusing on horizons and other horizontal lines.

one caveat, when using this technique, is that it's best to change the camera's light meter from its default of Evaluative Metering. I'll explain why in the next section.

Certain types of scenes might consistently confuse the camera's ability to au-

focus modes tomatically select a focus point. Landscape scenes can often yield wrong focus point choices, as can shots of still lifes, such as a picture of a product that you want to post on eBay. Manual focus point selection can quickly solve all of these problems.

You can also select a focus point manually when looking through the viewfinder. When you press the AF Point Selection button, the T1i will light up the current focus point selection, just as it does on the rear LCD. Spinning the Main dial will cycle through all the focus points. Press the AF Point Selection button or halfpress the shutter button to accept the selected focus point.

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Digital Cameras For Beginners

Digital Cameras For Beginners

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