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The XS/1000D takes advantage of ongoing power supply research and uses the new LP-E5 Li-ion battery pack. About the same weight as previous batteries, this new item will give you approximately 20% more exposures per charge than its predecessor while still maintaining a rapid recharge time.

This Rebel no longer requires a separate date/time battery. Instead, a tiny and inaccessible rechargeable battery inside the body draws a small amount of power from the LP-E5 to sustain itself. Bear in mind that if the LP-E5 is stored outside the camera for too long, you may have to reset the Date/Time Function when you replace the battery. The battery charger that's supplied with the camera is compatible with any country's AC power between 100 to 240 volts and 50 to 60 Hz. In some countries, you may have to purchase a commercially available adapter to plug into the wall.

If you are worried about depleting the battery but have access to AC power, you can purchase the AC Adapter Kit (ACK-E5) and run the camera indefinitely off household current. Canon warns you not to connect or disconnect the power when the camera is turned on.


• Even if you recharged the battery after using it the last time, plug it in and top it off before using the camera. A small amount of electricity will be continuously discharged whenever the battery is in the camera.

• Canon recommends you remove the battery when not using the camera. This could be problematic if you consistently leave it out too long and have to reset the Date/Time Function every time you get ready to shoot. Unfortunately, there are no data as to what "too long" actually is.

• Keep the battery covered when not in use. Dirt in the contacts can affect battery performance.

• Like everything else, batteries have a finite life. When yours no longer holds a charge or doesn't perform like it used to, it's time to replace it.

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