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You can also erase images by initiating the Playback feature and pushing the Trash icon on the back of the camera. Push the Set button to OK the erasure. Note that once an image is erased, the camera cannot recover it.

Print Order You can specify the information, if any, that you want to appear on your prints. Working with any PictBridge Printer, you tell the machine to print single, multiple, or index print images. Note that this feature does not work with RAW images.

Transfer Order This feature allows you to select up to 999 images to be transferred to your computer in or out of order. Note that the phrase "Clear all on card" only means that images selected for transfer will be deselected, not erased.

Histogram Select either the traditional black-and-white histogram (Brightness) or the RGB histogram, which details brightness levels in each channel.

Auto Play You can view each image on the card as an impromptu slide show on the camera's LCD. Use the Set button to pause or

1/20 4.0 100-4597

iL 3.36MB Adobe RGB

75/119 05/24/2008 18:29:59

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Digital Cameras For Beginners

Digital Cameras For Beginners

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