3. Select ROB .\dJiLMHhiin1 aslbe edit mode.

In Windtrws. select I hat option from Lite drop-down list at I In- Lop ol Lite win-clow, as shown in LfuL lop image in Figure Hi- M. On a Mac. Just click the RflE Adjnslmcnt button, as shown In the lower Image.

I'.ither way. you ¡¡¡lilt accetJ to three silvers' lied, tireen. and Blue-

1. Drag the slides to adjust lunge colors.

Use iiher Is based on Ihrve color p.iirs: red-cyan; green-magenU: and hhie-yeitnw. ("those six colors happen to be Ihe primary arid secondary colors ol the hCp& color wnrld. which ls the one in which all digital ¡mages reside.) as you move the slider», you affect b^ih 1 he primary color and lis secondary opposite, as follows;

* Red slider: As you drag the slider to 1he right, ymt mcrcase red and decrease cyan, drag 1he slider to ttie lelt to diminish reds and embolden cyans.

* Green sinter Drag this, slider to the right to add green and reduce magenta, Drag to the lelt to produce the opposite result

* Blue sitiier: Dr^glng this slider to the right Increases the amrmnt of blue and reduces 1he amount ol yellow. Go the other dlreellon to Increase yellow and tone down bines.

hi Imaging lingo. tools ol [His lype are known as coftv balancing fitters because they shift the balance between Ehc two opposite colors.

t used Ihe slide* sellings shown In the Jignie lor my example photo.

5. When you're happy with Ihe Image colore, click OK to chwe the rel oucb big window.

i. sive your w^rlc accord mg to the *iep* io the ^do« of 1 h k chapter.

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