Enabling Mirror Lockup

Ore i>l the components Involved in the optical syslrm ol an 5L.R camera Ira liny mirror that moves when you press the shulter hutlnn. The small Vibration caused hy the movemenL ni Ihr- mirror can result In slight blurring of Ihe image when you use a very slow shutier speed, st'iKnt wfth a long telephoto lens, or lake reme elose-u p shot s. To ellmlnal e II he posstb II lly, your camera offers a ieature called mirror imkup. When you enable this leature, Ihe mirror movement Js competed well helore the shot Is recorded, thus preventing any camera shake.

OiCi^ble f3)

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Fiqur* II S M.riWr löikup flints (3 merj Shake cdused trvlh-B movamBni &1 ma optical PVElfin's ™ef

To try out this feature, tate these steps:.

]. Set Ihe Mode dial lo an advanced exposure mode.

Mirror lockup isn't available in the Fully automatic esposure modes. So set thai dial to P. Tv, Av, M. or A-DEP.

•L Hisptay Selup Menu 3, highlight CwJQtn Functions, ftnd prenSel,

3. Prr w the rlgh I or left cross key lo scroll lo Custom function

4. IY™ Set to accea* the option« shown I ii Hjure H^, j. Press the up or down, crows key to highlight the Krabte option, as shown lo Ihe figure.

Aher you enable mirror lockup, you tafce a slightly diflerent approach to picture-taking than usual. Use this technique-

t, ht*mc yOtlr gliut,

2. If using nutofocuK, prejt thr shnllev hutlnn hftlfwty lo lock fnrus.

Or. 11 you prefer manual locuslng, twist (lie IOcusin|j ring as needed to locus the icniijjt'

3l Prejw tlie shutter- button all the way down lo lock up the mirror.

At this point, you can ho Longer sec anything through (he vicwlmdcr. l>oti't panic— that's normal. The mirror's runt Lion is to enable you lo see in the viewflnder the scene that the leu? will capture, ¿ifid mirror Lockup prevents Lt from serving that purpose.

I. Fm Ltii- >11 ulli-r button all the way agabj.

TFh.1-camcra iFitn Lakes the pkUirc.

Using a tripod or other sup[wtt Is critical Lo getting a shakc-lrcc shol m situations I hat call Tor mirror lockup. Tor even more protection. set your camcra to the 2-second self-limer mode. Introduced in Chapter 2. and take yoLir hands completely oft the camera after yon press the shulter button m Step The picture Is taken two seconds alter the mirror lockup occuts.

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