Tweaking Color Balance

Chapter 6ejf plains how to use yovr camera's white balance and Picture Style controls lo manipulate the codors in your pictures. II you can't get the results you want hy using those features, you may heahle to do the job using |he Hftlt Adlustmenl Niter olfered by the Canon browser. In Figure LQ-15, lor example. 1 used the filler In tone down Lhe amount ni blue In the Image and hrlng out the warm yellow tnues of lhe hulldLisg Instead.

Ünqipal Colors- B^uscad

Figure 10-ni I wann«! ftoliirf. :o ft ipr jüje Iba buildings uifar ihamffl sky.

ioltow these steps to use lhe Elite/:

1. 0|wn lhe Lrnage hi I Li own Vlihtr wliiikw.

You do this by just double-clicking the image thumbnail In the main browser window.

2. ChMM Color/Brightness Adjuslmen.1 from the t.dh dropdown llf.L.

IjjcA Tot the ILsl above the Linage preview iF you're a WinLlows user; on ;l Macr the lint is below the preview. After you choose ttie eommandr your photo appears in. a relouLhlng window. Figure ID-l-l shows you both lhe Windows and Mae versions of Lhe windo*.

Figure 10 I* SitflCl RGll AJ. US I^Stll 10 Lwtoik COkir &il3llC(

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