Adding Text

You know that saying, "A picture is worth a thousand words?" Well, you can up that count even more by adding text to your photo. You can do so as follows:

1. Open your photo in its own Viewer window by double-clicking the image thumbnail in the main browser window.

2. Choose Insert Text from the Edit drop-down list.

Look for the list at the top of the window if you use the Windows version of the program and at the bottom if you're a Mac user. Either way, you see your photo in the Insert Text retouching window. Figure 10-26 gives you a look at the Windows version of the window. (Again, the Mac version is virtually identical except for sporting different controls for zooming and scrolling the display. See the first section of this chapter for help with those controls.)

3. Click in the preview at the spot you want to add the text.

(In Windows, be sure that the Text tool, next to the Zoom tools, is selected before you click.) A text box appears, as shown in the figure. At any time, you can resize the box as needed by dragging the little boxes that appear around its perimeter. To move the box (and any text inside), just drag inside the box.

4. Type your text.

The text appears both in the image preview and in the Text area on the right side of the window.

Figure 10-26: You can add captions and other text information.

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