Adjusting the Viewfinder Focus

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Perched on the top right edge of the viewfinder is a tiny black knob, officially called the dioptric adjustment control. I labeled the knob in Figure 1-4. With this control, you can adjust the magnification of the viewfinder to mesh with your eyesight. If you don't take this step, scenes that appear out-of-focus through the viewfinder may actually be sharply focused through the lens, and vice versa.

Here's how to make the necessary adjustment:

1. Remove the lens cap from the front of the lens.

2. Look through the viewfinder and concentrate on the focusing screen shown on the right side of Figure 1-4.

The focusing screen is the collective name assigned to the group of nine autofocus points that appear in the center of the viewfinder — the little squares with the dots inside. I labeled one of the little guys in Figure 1-4.

Dioptric adjustment control

Autofocus point

Dioptric adjustment control

Autofocus point

Display Off sensor

Figure 1-4: Use the dioptric adjustment control to set the viewfinder focus for your eyesight.

Display Off sensor

Figure 1-4: Use the dioptric adjustment control to set the viewfinder focus for your eyesight.

Don't worry about focusing the actual picture now; just pay attention to the autofocus points.

3. Rotate the dioptric adjustment knob until the autofocus points appear to be in focus.

If your eyesight is such that you can't get the autofocus points to appear sharp by using the dioptric adjustment control, you can buy an additional eyepiece adapter. This accessory, which you pop onto the eyepiece, just enables further adjustment of the viewfinder display. Prices range from about $15-30 depending on the magnification you need. Look for an adapter called an E-series dioptric adjustment lens.

One other note about the viewfinder: See that little black window underneath the viewfinder — the one labeled Display Off sensor in Figure 1-4? When you put your eye up to the viewfinder, the sensor tells the camera to turn off the monitor display, saving you the trouble of doing the job yourself. If the monitor doesn't turn off automatically, the upcoming section "Setup Menu 1" tells you how to fix things; see the information related to the LCD Auto Off feature.

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