Bracketing Exposures Automatically

One of my favorite exposure features on the Rebel XTi/400D is automatic exposure bracketing, or AEB for short. This feature makes it easy to bracket exposures — which simply means to take the same shot using several exposure settings to up the odds that you come away with a perfectly exposed image.

When you enable AEB, your first shot is recorded at the current exposure settings; the second, with settings that produce a darker image; and the third, with settings that produce a brighter image. You can specify how much change in exposure you want between the three images when you turn on the feature.

You can take advantage of AEB in any of the advanced exposure modes. However, the feature isn't available when you use flash. If you want to bracket exposures when using flash, you have to do it yourself, either by using exposure compensation or, in manual exposure mode, by changing the aperture and shutter speed directly.

Speaking of exposure compensation, you can combine that feature with AEB if you want. The camera simply applies the compensation amount when it calculates the exposure for the three bracketed images.

With that preamble out of the way, take these steps to turn on AEB:

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