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Many photo-editing and cataloging programs offer a tool for creating digital slide shows that can be viewed on a computer or, if copied to a DVD, on a DVD player. You can even add music, special transition effects, and the like to jazz up your presentations.

Online photo sharing: Read the fine print

If you want to share more than a couple of photos, consider posting your images at an online photo-album site instead of attaching them to e-mail messages. Photo-sharing sites such as Shutterfly, Kodak Gallery, and Picasa all enable you to create digital photo albums and then invite friends and family to view your pictures and order prints of their favorites.

At most sites, picture-sharing is free, but your albums and images are deleted if you don't order prints or make some other purchase from the site within a specified amount of time. Additionally, many free sites enable you to upload high-resolution files for printing but then don't let you retrieve those files from the site. (In other words, don't think of album sites as archival storage solutions.) And here's another little bit of fine print to investigate: The membership agreement at some sites states that you agree to let the site use your photos, for free, for any purpose that it sees fit.

If the restrictions of a free site bug you, consider subscribing to a paid site such as Phanfare ( For a yearly membership fee — about $50, for Phanfare — you can store and share high-resolution image files with no further purchase obligations. And when you invite others to view your albums, they can not only view your images, but also download those high-res originals if needed, making this a good way to distribute images to clients and colleagues. Paid sites also are usually free of the pop-up advertising that clutters the free sites, giving them a more professional look and feel.

But if you just want a simple slide show — that is, one that just displays all the photos on the camera memory card one by one — you don't need a computer or any photo software. You can create and run the slide show right on your camera. And by connecting your camera to a television, as outlined in the next section, you can present your show to a whole roomful of people.

Follow these steps:

1. Display the Playback menu and highlight Auto Play, as shown in Figure 9-15.

The images are displayed sequentially on the monitor, with each image appearing for about four seconds. After the last image is displayed, the show automatically begins again.

f imf

1 003 HI



Print order

Transfer order

[Auto play

Review time

2 sec.



Figure 9-15: Choose Auto Play to set up automatic playback of all pictures on your memory card.

During auto playback, you can control the display as follows:

^ Pause playback. Press the Set button. Press the button again to restart playback.

^ Change the information display style. Press the DISP button. (See Chapter 4 for details about the available display styles.)

^ Exit auto playback mode. Press the Menu button.

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