Flash in Advanced Exposure Modes

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Sometimes, no amount of fiddling with aperture, shutter speed, and ISO produces a bright enough exposure — in which case, you simply have to add more light. The built-in flash on your camera offers the most convenient solution.

To engage the flash, just press the Flash button on the side of the camera, highlighted in Figure 5-22. To turn off the flash, just press down on the flash assembly to close it.

Flash button

Flash button

Figure 5-22: Want flash? Just press the Flash button, and you're set to go.

As you can in the fully automatic modes, you also can set the flash to Red-eye Reduction mode. Just display Shooting Menu 1 and turn the Red Eye option on or off. When enabled, the camera emits a brief preflash before the actual flash in an effort to constrict the subject's pupils and thereby lessen the chances of red-eye.

The next section goes into a little background detail about how the camera calculates the flash power that's needed to expose the image. This stuff is a little technical, but it will help you better understand how to get the results you want because the flash performance varies depending on the exposure mode.

Following that discussion, the rest of the chapter covers advanced flash features, including flash exposure compensation and flash exposure lock. You'll find some tips on getting better results in your flash pictures as well. For details on using Red-eye Reduction flash, flip back to Chapter 2, which spells everything out. Be sure to also visit Chapter 7, where you can find additional flash and lighting tips related to specific types of photographs.

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Digital Cameras For Beginners

Digital Cameras For Beginners

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