Jumping through images

If your memory card contains scads of images, here's a trick you'll love: By using the Jump button, you can leapfrog through them instead of pressing the right or left cross key a bazillion times to get to the picture you want to see. You also can search for the last image shot on a specific date.

This feature works like so:


1. Press the Playback button to put the camera into playback mode.

2. Press the Jump button.

As soon as you press the button, the jump bar appears at the bottom of the monitor, as shown in Figure 4-3.

3. Select a Jump mode by pressing the up or down cross key.

The current Jump mode appears on the jump bar. You have three Jump mode options:

• Jump 10 Images: Select this option to advance 10 images at a time.

• Jump 100 Images: Select this option to advance 100 images at a time.

• Jump Shot Date: This option enables you to jump to the last image that you shot on the same day as the currently displayed image. For example, if you shot the current photo on May 1, you can jump to the last photo you shot on that day.

4. Press the right or left cross key to browse images using the selected Jump mode.

How many images you advance with each press of a cross key depends upon the Jump mode you selected. Again, you can also rotate the Main dial to browse images instead of pressing the cross keys if you like that method better.

5. To exit Jump mode, press the Jump button again.

You can use this method of browsing your images only in regular, single-image playback mode. The Jump button performs a different function in index display mode, in which you view nine image thumbnails at a time. The next section explains this viewing mode.

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