Organizing your photos

By default, the Canon download software puts your picture files into either the My Pictures or Pictures folder in Windows and the Pictures folder on a Mac. Within that folder, the downloading tools organize the images by shooting date, creating a new folder for each date found on the memory card. For example, in Figure 8-18, you see four folders, one for each day from December 22 through 25. Each folder contains only the images shot on that particular day.

If you don't like this organizational structure, you can change it. For example, you may want to organize images by category — family, travel, work, and so on. I took this approach to my folder collection in Figure 8-18.

To keep things simple, I suggest that you add these custom folders within the My Pictures or Pictures folder (Windows) or Pictures folder (Mac). That way, you'll always know where to look for images on your computer's hard drive. And programs that default to looking to those folders for photos will be able to find them as well. The next mini-sections show you the basics you need to create custom folders and then organize images in them.

Figure 8-18: You can create custom folders to organize images by category.

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