Press and release the AF Point Selection button highlighted in Figure

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When you do, you see the AF Point Selection screen on the monitor. The display indicates whether the camera is currently in Automatic AF Point Selection mode or Manual AF Point Selection mode, as follows.

AF Point Selection button

AF Point Selection button

Figure 6-3: Press and hold the AF Point Selection button to select an autofocus point.
Figure 6-4: In Automatic mode, all nine autofocus points are active.

• Automatic AF Point Selection mode: All the AF points appear yellow in the monitor, as shown in Figure 6-4.

• Manual AF Point Selection: Only one of the nine autofocus points is selected and appears yellow, as shown in Figure 6-5.

You can check the current mode by looking through the viewfinder, too. When you press and release the AF Point Selection button, all nine autofocus points turn red if you're in Automatic AF Point Selection mode. A single point turns red if you're in Manual AF Point Selection mode.

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