AEB is now enabled. If you press the shutter button halfway, you see the icon labeled in Figure 5-21 in the Camera Settings display, which reminds you that you turned on the feature. In the viewfinder, a flashing asterisk appears instead. In both displays, the exposure meter also displays the three exposure indicators to represent the exposure shift you established in Step 3.

Exposure indicators AEB icon

Exposure indicators AEB icon

Figure 5-21: These symbols remind you that automatic exposure bracketing is enabled.

How you actually record your trio of exposures depends on whether the Drive mode is set to Single or Continuous. The Drive mode, which I introduce in Chapter 2, determines whether the camera records a single image or multiple images with each press of the shutter button. (Press the Drive mode button, shown in the margin here, to access the screen that enables you to change this setting.)

1 AEB in Single mode: You take each exposure separately, pressing the shutter button fully three times to record your trio of images.

If you forget which exposure you're taking, look at the exposure meter. After you press the shutter button halfway to lock focus, the meter shows just a single indicator bar instead of three. If the bar is at 0, you're ready to take the first capture. If it's to the left of 0, you're on capture two, which creates the darker exposure. If it's to the right of 0, you're on capture three, which produces the brightest image.

1 AEB in Continuous mode: The camera records all three exposures with one press of the shutter button. To record another series, release and then press the shutter button again. In other words, when AEB is turned on, the camera doesn't keep recording images until you release the shutter button as it normally does in Continuous mode — you can take only three images with one press of the shutter button.

To turn off auto exposure bracketing, just revisit Setup Menu 2 and change the AEB setting back to 0.

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AEB is also turned off when you power down the camera, enable the flash, replace the camera battery, or replace the memory card.

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