Reviewing Basic Setup Options

You know how sometimes you visit someone's house and their kitchen cabinets are arranged in a way that doesn't make sense to you? Why are the mugs above the microwave instead of above the coffeepot? And wouldn't it be better if the serving spoons were next to the stove instead of by the dishwasher? That's how I feel about the way that settings that relate to basic camera setup are organized on the camera menus. They surely make sense to somebody — namely, I'm guessing, the important somebodies at Canon. But to me, a couple of the basic setup options are out of place, found on menus other than Setup Menu 1 or Setup Menu 2, where you might expect to find them. And Setup Menu 2 offers some options that are related more to advanced exposure controls than basic camera operation.

Well, I can't rearrange the menus for you any more than I can put those mugs near the coffeemaker, so instead, the following sections describe the basic customization options found on the aforementioned Setup Menu 1 and 2, plus two additional options found on Shooting Menu 1.

If you don't yet know how to select options from the menus, see the earlier section, "Ordering from Camera Menus" for help.

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