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Exploring picture playback functions Viewing images on the camera monitor Deciphering the picture information displays Understanding the exposure histogram Deleting bad pictures and protecting great ones

MyB Without question, my favorite thing about digital photography is being able to view my pictures on the camera monitor the instant after I shoot them. No more guessing whether I captured the image I wanted or need to try again; no more wasting money on developing and printing pictures that stink. In fact, this feature alone was reason enough for me to turn my back forever on my closetful of film photography hardware and all the unexposed film remaining from my predigital days.

But simply seeing your pictures is just the start of the things you can do when you switch your camera to playback mode. You also can review many of the camera settings you used to take the picture, display graphics that alert you to serious exposure problems, delete crummy photos, and add file markers that protect the picture from accidental erasure. This chapter tells you how to use all these playback features and more. hh

After you explore these playback functions, be sure to also visit Chapter 9, which covers some additional ways to view your images, including how to create in-camera slide shows and display your photos on a television screen

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