Saving Your Edited Files

Whatever retouching task you do, the last step is to save your edited picture file. After you click OK to close the retouching window and return to the Viewer window, choose the Save As command from the File menu. You then see the standard Windows or Mac file-saving dialog box. Figure 10-27 shows you the Windows XP version of this dialog box.

You need to take two critical steps inside the dialog box:

^ Select TIFF as the file type. TIFF is an image file format that produces the best picture quality for saved images.

Do not use JPEG as the file type. Every time you edit and save a picture in the JPEG format, you damage the picture quality slightly because of the lossy compression that is applied in that format. Chapter 3 has details on this issue. Should you need a JPEG version of your edited photo for online use, save it first as a TIFF file and then follow the steps provided in Chapter 9 to create a Web-sized copy of the picture in the JPEG format.

^ Type a name for the picture in the File Name box (Windows) or the

Save As box (Mac). The filename of the original image appears automatically in the box. You don't have to change the filename — you won't overwrite the original file when you save because you aren't saving it in the JPEG format (and you can't save in the Raw format). But I like to add a tag to the filename that indicates the status of the image — for example, IMG_7582 retouched, or PencilsSharpened, or the like.

After taking care of those two pieces of business, specify where you want to store the file as you usually do. Then click the Save button to save the file and close the dialog box.

Figure 10-27: Choose TIFF as the file format for any edited photos.

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