Specify which AF Point you want to use

Here again, you have two options:

• Rotate the Main dial. Rotating the dial cycles through the nine points and then back to Automatic AF Point Selection mode.

• Press the cross keys. Just press the up, down, left, or right keys to highlight the point you want to use. In this case, cycling through all the options doesn't switch you back to Automatic mode.

Figure 6-5: You also can base autofocus on a single point.

That's all there is to it — after you select the autofocus point, just frame your shot so that your subject falls under than point and then press the shutter button halfway to focus.

If you want the benefits of autofocus but find it bothersome to have to worry about selecting an autofocus point, try this approach: Set the camera to Manual AF Point Selection and select the center point as the active point. Remember, you can do this easily by just pressing the Set button in Step 2. Now the camera will always set focus based on whatever is at the center of the frame — a setup that, in my opinion, is the most intuitive way to do things. If you want your subject to appear off-center, you still can: Just frame the picture initially so that the subject is centered, depress the shutter button halfway to establish, and then reframe the image before pressing the shutter button the rest of the way.

Do be careful about exposure if you use this technique, however. If the exposure metering mode is set to either Partial or Center-Weighted Average metering, and you reframe the image so that your subject isn't at the center of the frame, exposure may be off. To compensate, you may need to lock exposure (using the AE Lock button) before you reframe. In Evaluative metering mode, this issue shouldn't be a big problem because exposure is based on the entire frame. Chapter 5 provides details about metering modes, exposure lock, and other exposure issues.

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Digital Camera and Digital Photography

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