Starting the transfer process

After you connect the camera to the computer (be sure to carefully follow the steps in the preceding section) or insert a memory card into your card reader, your next step depends, again, on the software installed on your computer and the computer operating system.

Here are the most common possibilities and how to move forward:

1 On a Windows-based computer, a Windows message box like the one in Figure 8-5 appears. The box suggests different programs that you can use to download your picture files. Which programs appear depend on what you have installed on your system; if you installed the Canon software, for example, one or more of those programs should appear in the list. The other standard option, Microsoft Camera and Scanner Wizard, enables you to use the operating system's own transfer software. To proceed, just click the transfer program that you want to use and then click OK. (The figure features the Windows XP Home Edition version of the dialog box.)

Figure 8-5: Windows may display this initial boxful of transfer options.

If you want to use the same program for all of your transfers, select the Always Use This Program for This Action check box, as I did in Figure 8-5. The next time you connect your camera or insert a memory card, Windows will automatically launch your program of choice instead of displaying the message box.

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Digital Camera and Digital Photography

Digital Camera and Digital Photography

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