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In addition to establishing the resolution of your photos, the Quality setting determines the file format. The file format simply refers to the type of image file that the camera produces.

Your Canon offers two file formats, JPEG and Raw, with a couple variations of each. The next sections explain the pros and cons of each setting.

Don't confuse file format with the Format option on Setup Menu 1. That option erases all data on your memory card; see Chapter 1 for details.

How many pictures fit on my memory card?

That question is one of the first asked by new camera owners — and it's an important one because you don't want to run out of space on your memory card just as the perfect photographic subject presents itself.

As explained in the discussions in this chapter, image resolution (pixel count) and file format (JPEG or Raw) together determine the size of the picture file which, in turn, determines how many photos fit in a given amount of camera memory.

The table below shows you the approximate size of the files, in megabytes (MB) that are generated at each of the possible resolution/format combinations on your Rebel XTi/400D. Following that number, you see approximately how many pictures you can store at the setting on a 1GB (gigabyte) memory card. If you have a 2GB card, double the picture counts; for a 526MB (megabyte) card, expect to fit half the number of pictures.

Picture Capacity of a 1GB Memory Card

Symbol Setting

File Size

Image Capacity

A L Large/Fine






^ Medium/Fine



J M Medium/Norma



J 5 Small/Fine



J S Small/Normal



J L HT-yn Raw+Large/Fine



EE3 Raw



*Combined size of the two files produced at this setting.

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