Viewing photos in fullscreen mode

Double-clicking a thumbnail in the main browser window displays the image inside the Viewer window. Figure 8-16 shows the Windows version of the Viewer; Figure 8-17 shows the Mac alternative.

After opening an image in the Viewer window, use these tricks to inspect it more closely:

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Figure 8-16: To display an image in the Viewer window, double-click its thumbnail.

Zoom slider Hand tool Fit to Window

Figure 8-16: To display an image in the Viewer window, double-click its thumbnail.

^ Magnify the image. You can zoom in on your image for a closer look by using these techniques:

• In ZoomBrowser EX (Windows): Drag the Zoom slider or click the preview with the Zoom In tool, both labeled in Figure 8-16.

• In ImageBrowser (Mac): Choose a specific magnification level from the Display Size drop-down list, labeled in Figure 8-17.

Navigator window

Navigator window

Edit button Display size list Figure 8-17: The Mac version of the Viewer window looks like this.

i Scroll a magnified image. After you magnify the photo, a tiny Navigator window appears in the top-left corner of the screen, as shown in the figures. The little red triangles in the Navigator window indicate the area that you're currently viewing in the main preview. To scroll the display to see another portion of the image, put your cursor in the Navigator window, within the area bounded by those little red triangles, and drag.

In Windows, you also can click the Hand tool, labeled in Figure 8-16, and drag in the preview itself. On a Mac, just drag in the preview; your cursor automatically sets itself to Hand-tool mode as soon as you enlarge the image display.

i Reduce the view size. In Windows, click the preview with the Zoom Out tool or use the Zoom slider. (See Figure 8-16.) On a Mac, choose a smaller zoom size from the Display Size drop-down list.

To zoom out so that you can see the entire image, click the Fit to Window button in Windows (see Figure 8-16). On a Mac, choose Fit to Window from the Display Size list instead.

i View the next image in the folder. If you want to inspect more images in the Viewer, just click the Previous and Next buttons, labeled in Figure 8-16, if you use Windows. On a Mac, click the Back or Next button located under the preview.

i Edit the photo. To use the editing tools provided with the program, click the Edit button, found above the preview in Windows and beneath it on a Mac. Then select the editing task you want to perform. Chapter 10 provides more details about shifting into editing mode and using the available tools.

Keep in mind that the preceding tidbits just give you the basics of using the Viewer window; for additional tips, check out the program manual.

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