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Your Rebel XTi/400D is equipped with a video-out port, which is tucked under the little rubber cover on the left rear side of the camera, as shown in Figure 9-16. That feature means that you can output your pictures for display on a television screen.

To take advantage of this option, dig through your camera box until you find the video cable, which has little yellow plug ends like the one you see on the right in Figure 9-16. Then, making sure that the camera is off, use the cable to connect the camera's video-out port to the video-in port on your television, as shown in the right side of the figure. (The plug end that is long and skinny, with a black ring near its tip, goes into the camera.) You can also insert the plug into the video-in port on a VCR or DVD player that's connected to your TV, as shown in the figure.

Video out port Video in port

Video out port Video in port

How Connect Canon 350d
Figure 9-16: You can connect your camera to a television, VCR, or DVD player.

When the two devices are connected, turn the camera and TV (or VCR or DVD) on. At this point, you need to consult your TV/VCR/DVD manual to find out what channel to select for playback of signals from auxiliary input devices like your camera. After you sort that issue out, you can control playback using the same camera controls as you normally do to view pictures on your camera monitor. (See Chapter 4 for help.) You can also run a slide show by following the steps outlined in the preceding section.

Note that you may need to adjust one camera setting, Video Mode, which is found on Setup Menu 2. You get just two options here: NTSC and PAL. Select the video mode that used by your part of the world. (In the United States, Canada, and Mexico, NTSC is the standard).

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Digital Camera and Digital Photography

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