Replacing Your Clock Battery

In addition to the large rechargeable lithium ion battery that provides most of the power for your Canon Digital Rebel XTi, a second battery nestles in the same compartment to provide enough power to retain your current settings and preferences, as well as the local date and time. This coin-sized clock battery is a long-lived C2016 3-volt lithium manganese dioxide cell, located in a slide-out carrier near the hinge of the battery door, shown in Figure 9.7.

Dslr Canon Clock Battery

You may never notice this battery at all, as it may last several years without needing replacement. Your first clue will be when you switch on your XTi and a message on your LCD asks you to input the date and time. That's your cue to trot down to the electronics store and buy a new one.

To install it, just slide out the plastic carrier and remove the old battery. A pair of plastic tabs holds it in tight, and you may have to pry one up to free the dead cell. Then slide the new one in and return the carrier to your camera. When you turn on the power, you'll need to enter the current date and time and restore any other settings that have been lost. Don't forget to choose OK when finished; if you simply exit the settings screen by pressing the Menu button, your time setting will not be entered.

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