White Balance Shift and Bracketing

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White balance bracketing can be performed in any JPEG-only mode (you can't use RAW or RAW+JPEG). This form of bracketing is similar to exposure bracketing, but with the added dimension of hue. When you select WB SHIFT/BKT, a screen like the one shown in Figure 3.10 appears. First, you turn the Main Dial to set the range of the shift in either the Green-Magenta dimension (turn the dial to the left to change the separation of the three dots representing the separate exposures), or in the Blue-Yellow/Amber dimension by turning the Main Dial to the right. Use the cross keys to move the bracket set around within the color space, and outside the Green-Magenta or Blue-Yellow/Amber axes.

Use the cross keys only after you've accumulated some experience in shifting around the white balance manually. In most cases, it's fairly easy to determine whether you want your image to be more green, magenta, blue, or yellow.

Amber Blue Magenta Green
Figure 3.10 Use the cross keys to specify color balance bracketing using Green-Magenta bias or to specify Blue-Yellow/Amber bias.

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