Gaining More Control with Creative Auto

Creative Auto mode might be better named "Full Auto Plus." This mode is set up initially to work the same way as Full Auto, explained earlier in this chapter. But if you don't like the results you get, you can make the following adjustments for your next shot:

✓ Enable or disable the flash.

✓ Make the picture brighter or darker.

✓ Soften or sharpen the apparent focus of the picture background.

✓ Select from four Picture Styles, which affect the color and sharpness of the image. One of the four options creates a black-and-white photo.

Although it's great for beginners to have an easy way to have a little more input on their pictures, Creative Auto still doesn't give you anywhere near the level of creative control you get in the advanced exposure modes. For example, you can decide whether you want the flash to fire in Creative Auto mode, but you can't adjust flash power or change the way the camera calculates the flash exposure, as you can in the P, Tv, Av, M, and A-DEP modes. That said, if you're feeling overwhelmed by all the new stuff that comes with digital SLR photography and you're not ready to dive into the more advanced exposure modes covered in Chapters 5 and 6, then by all means, Creative Auto is a better choice than the other modes covered in this chapter. Here's how to use it:

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