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Image jump w/** 10 images

Image jump w/** 10 images

Figure 4-4: You can specify a Jump mode from Playback Menu 2.

1 image

10 images

100 images

Figure 4-4: You can specify a Jump mode from Playback Menu 2.

Press Set to display the right screen in Figure 4-4, where you can see all six jump-mode settings. They work as follows:

✓ 1 Image: This option, in effect, disables jumping, restricting you to browsing pictures one at a time. So what's the point? It's provided to enable you to scroll through pictures using the Main dial instead of the right and left cross keys if you prefer.

✓ 10 Images: Select this option to advance 10 images at a time.

✓ 100 Images: Select this option to advance 100 images at a time.

✓ Date: If your card contains images shot on different dates, you can jump between dates with this option. For example, if you're looking at the first of 30 pictures taken on June 1, you can jump past all the others from that day to the first image taken on, say, June 5.

✓ Movies: Does your memory card contain both still photos and movies? If you want to view only the movie files, select this option. Then you can rotate the Main dial to jump from one movie to the next without seeing any still photos.

✓ Stills: This one is the opposite of the Movies option: Your movie files are hidden from view when you use the Main dial to scroll through your photos. You scroll one picture at a time, just as when you use the 1 Image option.

Select the Jump mode you want to use and press Set. Then take these steps to jump through your photos:

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