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Shoot a selection of blank-card images under a variety of lighting conditions on a spare memory card. If you want to "recycle" one of the color temperatures you've stored, insert the card and set the custom white balance to that of one of the images in your white balance library, as described above.

White Balance Shift and Bracketing

White balance shift allows you to dial in a white balance color bias along the blue/amber (yellow) dimensions, and/or magenta/green scale. In other words, you can set your color balance so that it is a little bluer or yellower (only), a little more magenta or green (only), or a combination of the two bias dimensions. You can also bracket exposures, taking several consecutive pictures, each with a slightly different color balance biased in the directions you specify.

The process is a little easier to visualize if you look at Figure 3.19. The center intersection of lines BA and GM (remember high school geometry!) is the point of zero bias. Move the point at that intersection using the left/right and up/down cross keys to locate it at any point on the graph using the blue/amber (yellow) and green/magenta coordinates. The amount of shift will be displayed in the SHIFT box to the right of the graph.

White balance bracketing is like white balance shifting, only the bracketed changes occur along the bias axis you specify. The three squares in Figure 3.20 show that the

Use the Main Dial to specify color balance bracketing using green/ magenta bias or to specify blue/ amber (yellow) bias.

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