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Aperture-Priority 147

Shutter-Priority 148

Program Mode 150

Making EV Changes 150

Manual Exposure 151

Basic Zone Modes 153

Creative Auto 154

Adjusting Exposure with ISO Settings 155

Bracketing 157

Bracketing and Merge to HDR 159

Dealing with Noise 164

Fixing Exposures with Histograms 165

Chapter 5

Advanced Shooting and Movie Shooting with Your Canon EOS Rebel T2i/550D_169

How Focus Works 169

Phase Detection 170

Contrast Detection 172

Getting into Focus 174

Focus Modes 176

Adding Circles of Confusion 176

Making Sense of Sensors 178

Your Autofocus Mode Options 179

Setting AF Point 181

Introducing Live View 182

What You Can/Cannot Do with Live View 184

Enabling Live View 185

Activating Live View 186

Working with Live View 187

Previewing and Making Settings 187

Focusing in Live View 190

Shooting Movies 194

Movie Settings 196

Capturing Video/Sound 199

Continuous Shooting 200

More Exposure Options 201

A Tiny Slice of Time 201

Working with Short Exposures 203

Long Exposures 205

Three Ways to Take Long Exposures 205

Working with Long Exposures 207

Delayed Exposures 211

Self-Timer 211

Time-Lapse/Interval Photography 212

Eye-Fi Upload 213

Chapter 6

Working with Lenses 217

But Don't Forget the Crop Factor 217

Your First Lens 219

Buy Now, Expand Later 220

What Lenses Can You Use? 223

Ingredients of Canon's Alphanumeric Soup 226

Your Second (and Third...) Lens 229

What Lenses Can Do for You 230

Zoom or Prime? 232

Categories of Lenses 235

Using Wide-Angle and Wide-Zoom Lenses 235

Avoiding Potential Wide-Angle Problems 238

Using Telephoto and Tele-Zoom Lenses 240

Avoiding Telephoto Lens Problems 241

Telephotos and Bokeh 243

Add-ons and Special Features 244

Lens Hoods 244

Telephoto Extenders 245

Macro Focusing 246

Image Stabilization 247

Chapter 7

Making Light Work for You_249

Continuous Illumination versus Electronic Flash 250

Continuous Lighting Basics 256

Daylight 257

Incandescent/Tungsten Light 258

Fluorescent Light/Other Light Sources 258

Adjusting White Balance 260

Electronic Flash Basics 260

How Electronic Flash Works 261

Using the Built-In Flash 267

Basic Zone Flash 267

Creative Zone Flash 268

Flash Range 269

Flash Control Menus 269

Using FE Lock and Flash Exposure Compensation 272

Using External Electronic Flash 273

Speedlite 580EX II 273

Speedlite 430EX II 275

Speedlite 270EX 276

Speedlite 220EX 276

More Advanced Lighting Techniques 276

Diffusing and Softening the Light 276

Using Multiple Light Sources 280

Other Lighting Accessories 283

Chapter 8

Editing Your Images 285

What's in the Box? 285

Picture Style Editor 285

EOS Utility 287

ZoomBrowser/ImageBrowser 289

PhotoStitch 289

Digital Photo Professional 291

Editing Your Photos 292

Image Editors 292

RAW Utilities 293

Adobe Photoshop 296

Chapter 9

Canon EOS Rebel T2i/550D:

Troubleshooting and Prevention 301

Update Your Firmware 302

Upgrading Your Firmware 303

Protect Your LCD 305

Troubleshooting Memory Cards 307

All Your Eggs in One Basket? 307

What Can Go Wrong? 308

What Can You Do? 310

Clean Your Sensor 311

Dust the FAQs, Ma'am 313

Identifying and Dealing with Dust 314

Avoiding Dust 316

Sensor Cleaning 318

Glossary 325

Index 337

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Understanding Adobe Photoshop Features You Will Use

Understanding Adobe Photoshop Features You Will Use

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