Advanced Shooting and Movie Shooting with Your Canon EOS Rebel TiD

Getting the right exposure is one of the foundations of a great photograph, but a lot more goes into a compelling shot than good tonal values. A sharp image, proper white balance, good color, and other factors all can help elevate your image from good to exceptional. So, now that you've got a good understanding of exposure tucked away, you'll want to learn how to work with some additional exposure options, use the automatic and manual focusing controls available with the Canon EOS Rebel T2i, and master some of the many ways you can fine-tune your images. This chapter is somewhat of a grab-bag of advanced information, so I'm also going to include movie shooting and using Eye-Fi card wireless transmission here.

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Digital Camera and Digital Photography

Digital Camera and Digital Photography

Compared to film cameras, digital cameras are easy to use, fun and extremely versatile. Every day there’s more features being designed. Whether you have the cheapest model or a high end model, digital cameras can do an endless number of things. Let’s look at how to get the most out of your digital camera.

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