External Flash Function Setting

This menu is available only when you have a compatible dedicated Canon Speedlite electronic flash attached and switched on. The settings available with the 580 EX II and 430 EX are shown in Figure 7.12. If you press the DISP button while adjusting flash settings, both the changes made to the settings of an attached external flash and to the built-in flash will be cleared.

■ Flash mode. This entry allows you to set the flash mode for the external flash, from E-TTL II, A-TTL, or TTL. All three provide through-the-lens flash metering, but with different degrees of sophistication. E-TTL (Evaluative through-the-lens) uses a preflash just prior to taking the picture to allow the camera's metering sensor to read the flash exposure and compare it with ambient light to provide the best exposure. A-TTL (Advanced through-the-lens) metering is an earlier system used with some Canon Speedlites to read illumination through the lens, but concentrate sensitivity on the active focus point, also using a preflash. The TTL (through-the-lens) system is a less sophisticated flash exposure control system used by some flash units. It doesn't use a preflash. You should always choose E-TTL if your flash supports it, or select one of the other systems compatible with the Speedlite you are using.

■ Shutter sync. As with the T2i's internal flash, you can choose 1st curtain sync, which fires the flash as soon as the shutter is completely open (this is the default mode). Alternatively, you can select 2nd curtain sync, which fires the flash as soon

Figure 7.12

Figure 7.12

External flash units can be controlled from the Canon EOS Rebel T2i using this menu.

Canon Harici Fla Ayarlar

External flash units can be controlled from the Canon EOS Rebel T2i using this menu.

as the shutter opens, and then triggers a second flash at the end of the exposure, just before the shutter starts to close.

■ FEB. Flash exposure bracketing (FEB) operates similarly to ordinary exposure bracketing, providing a series of different exposures to improve your chances of getting the exact right exposure, or to provide alternative renditions for creative purposes.

■ Flash exposure compensation. You can adjust flash exposure using a menu here. Select this option with the Set button, then dial in the amount of flash EV compensation you want using the Main Dial. The EV that was in place before you started to make your adjustment is shown as a blue indicator, so you can return to that value quickly. Press Set again to confirm your change, then press the Menu button twice to exit.

■ E-TTL II. You can choose evaluative (matrix) or average metering modes for the electronic flash exposure meter. Evaluative looks at selected areas in the scene to calculate exposure, while average calculates flash exposure by reading the entire scene.

■ Zoom. Some flash units can vary their coverage to better match the field of view of your lens at a particular focal length. You can allow the external flash to zoom automatically, based on information provided, or manually, using a zoom button on the flash itself.

■ Wireless set. When a compatible Canon external flash, such as the 580 EX II, is attached, this additional menu choice appears. Consult your flash's manual for instructions on setting your particular flash unit's options.

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