Flash Firing

Use this option to enable or disable the built-in or accessory electronic flash in Creative Zone modes. When disabled, the flash cannot fire even if you accidentally elevate it, or have an accessory flash attached and turned on when using the Creative Zone modes.

There are several situations in which you might prefer to totally disable the T2i's built-in and accessory flash. Flash might be a no-no when shooting in sensitive environments, such as concerts, in museums, or during religious ceremonies. You might also want to disable the flash when you want to use the AF-assist beam to help in autofocusing, but do not want the flash to fire.

Flash control

Flash firing Enable Built-in flash func. setting External flash func. setting External flash C. Fn. setting Clear ext. flash C. Fn. set.

The Flash control menu entry has five setting submenus.

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Digital Cameras For Beginners

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