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Press the AE lock button to activate autofocus using the currently set Live View autofocus mode. Those modes are Quick mode, Live mode, and Face detection Live mode. You can also use manual focus. I'll describe each of these separately.

Quick Mode

This mode uses phase detection, as described earlier in the chapter. It temporarily interrupts Live View mode to allow the Rebel T2i to focus the same AF sensor used when you focus through the viewfinder. Because the step takes a second or so, you may get better results using this autofocus mode when the camera is mounted on a tripod. If you hand-hold the T2i, you may displace the point of focus achieved by the autofocus system. It also simplifies the operation if you use One-Shot focus and center the focus point. You can use AI Servo and automatic or manual focus point selection, but if the focus point doesn't coincide with the subject you want to focus on, you'll end up with an out-of-focus image. Just follow these steps.

1. Set lens to autofocus. Make sure the focus switch on the lens is set to AF.

2. Activate Live View. Press the Live View button.

3. Choose AF Quick mode. Press the Q button, then use the up or down cross keys to highlight the AF icon on the bottom left of the screen. Then rotate the Main Dial until AF Quick is displayed in blue as the current autofocus mode, and press the Q button again to confirm and exit. (If the camera has already been set for AF Quick mode, you won't need to change the focus mode setting.)

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