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David D. Busch

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David Busch's Canon® EOS Rebel T2i/550D Guide to Digital SLR Photography David D. Busch

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Once again, thanks to the folks at Course Technology PTR, who have pioneered publishing digital imaging books in full color at a price anyone can afford. Special thanks to executive editor Kevin Harreld, who always gives me the freedom to let my imagination run free with a topic, as well as my veteran production team including project editor Jenny Davidson and technical reviewer Mike Sullivan. Special thanks to longtime Canon shooter Kris Bosworth, who kindly supplied a frozen moment in time worthy of MIT strobe wiz Dr. Harold Edgerton, as well as other great illustrations. Also thanks to Bill Hartman, layout; Katherine Stimson, indexing; Sara Gullion, proofreading; Mike Tanamachi, cover design; and my agent, Carole Jelen, who has the amazing ability to keep both publishers and authors happy.

About the Author

With more than a million books in print, David D. Busch is one of the best-selling authors of books on digital photography and imaging technology, and the originator of popular series like David Busch's Pro Secrets and David Busch's (Quick Snap Guides. He has written nine hugely successful guidebooks for Canon digital SLR models, including the all-time #1 best-sellers for several Canon EOS models, additional user guides for other camera models, as well as many popular books devoted to dSLRs, including Mastering Digital SLR Photography, Second Edition and Digital SLR I}ro Secrets. As a roving photojournalist for more than 20 years, he illustrated his books, magazine articles, and newspaper reports with award-winning images. He's operated his own commercial studio, suffocated in formal dress while shooting weddings-for-hire, and shot sports for a daily newspaper and upstate New York college. His photos and articles have been published in Popular Photography & Imaging, The Rangefinder, The Professional Photographer, and hundreds of other publications. He's also reviewed dozens of digital cameras for CNet and Computer Shopper.

When named its top five books on Beginning Digital Photography, debuting at the #1 and #2 slots were Busch's Digital Photography All-In-One Desk Reference for Dummies and Mastering Digital Photography. During the past year, he's had as many as five of his books listed in the Top 20 of's Digital Photography Bestseller list—simultaneously! Busch's 100-plus other books published since 1983 include bestsellers like David Busch's Quick Snap Guide to Using Digital SLR Lenses.

Busch is a member of the Cleveland Photographic Society (, which has operated continuously since 1887.

Visit his website at

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