Ctrl over HDMI option, Playback menu, 106 port, 38-39

HDMI cables

Ctrl over HDMI option, Playback menu, 106 viewing images on HDTV with, 113-114

HDMI CEC (Consumer Electronics

Control) televisions, 106 HDR (High Dynamic Range), 134

Merge to HDR, 159-163 HDTV. See also HDMI cables; movies viewing images on, 113-114 high ISO noise reduction, 123-124 Highlight tone priority

Custom Function setting for, 124 ISO settings with, 98, 118, 157 in Live View information display, 188 for movies, 199

high-speed sync, 266-267 histograms, 165-167

in LCD image playback displays, 50-51 in Live View information display,

188-189 Playback menu options, 103-105 Hoodman flip-up hoods for LCD, 306 magnifiers for LCD, 306 plastic overlays, 305 hot pixels, 313 hot shoe, 46-47

multiple flash units, opening, 282

Huey monitor color correction system,

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