Set up your slide show using this screen.

4. Choose Play time and Repeat options. Navigate to highlight Set-up and press Set to produce a screen with playing time (1, 2, 3, or 5 seconds per image), and repeating options (On or Off). When you've specified either value, press the Menu button to confirm your choice, and then Menu once more to go back to the main Slide show screen.

5. Start the show. Highlight Start and press Set to begin your show. (If you'd rather cancel the show you've just set up, press Menu instead.)

6. Use show options during display. Press Set to pause/restart; Info to cycle among the four information displays described in the section before this one; Menu to stop the show.


This entry is the first on the Playback 2 menu. (See Figure 3.37.) The T2i can show either a Brightness histogram or a set of three separate red, green, and blue histograms in the full information display during picture review, or, it can show you both types of histogram in the partial information display.


Image jump w Ctrl over HDMI


10 images Disable

The Playback 2 menu has three entries.

Brightness histograms give you information about the overall tonal values present in the image. The RGB histograms can show more advanced users valuable data about specific channels that might be "clipped" (details are lost in the shadows or highlights). This menu choice determines only how they are displayed during picture review. The amount of information displayed cycles through the following list as you repeatedly press the DISP button.

■ Image only. In this view, only the image is displayed, with no additional information.

■ Single image display. Only the image itself is shown, with basic shooting information overlaid on the photo, as you can see at upper left in Figure 3.38.

■ Histogram display. Both RGB and brightness histograms are shown, along with partial shooting information. This menu choice has no effect on the histograms shown in this display, which you can see at upper right in Figure 3.38.

■ Shooting information display. Full shooting data is shown, along with either a brightness histogram (bottom left in Figure 3.38) or RGB histogram (bottom right in Figure 3.38). The type of histogram on view in this screen is determined by the setting you make in this menu choice. Select Histogram from the Playback 2 menu and choose Brightness or RGB. You can read more about using histograms in Chapter 4.

P CC B2100


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Press the DISP button to cycle between single image display (upper left); histogram display (upper right); shooting information displays with brightness histogram (bottom left); or RGB histogram (bottom right).

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