Low Level Format

You can also press the Trash button, located in the lower-right corner of the back of the camera, to mark the Low level format box on the Format screen. This tells the T2i to perform an additional, more thorough, formatting of the card after the initial format is finished. The low level format serves to remove data from all writable portions of your memory card while locking out "bad" sectors, and can be used to restore a memory card that is slowing down as it "trips" over those bad sectors. This extra step takes a bit longer than a standard reformat, and need not be used every time you format your card.

Powering Up/Setting Date and Time

Rotate the On/Off switch on top of the camera to the On position. Automatic sensor cleaning takes place (unless you specifically disable this action) as the T2i powers up. The camera will remain on or in a standby mode until you manually turn it off. After 30 seconds of idling, the T2i goes into the standby mode to save battery power. Just tap the shutter release button to bring it back to life. The automatic sensor cleaning operation does not occur when exiting standby mode.

The first time you use the Rebel T2i, it may ask you to enter the time and date. (This information may have been set by someone checking out your camera on your behalf prior to sale.) Just follow these steps:

1. Press the Menu button, located in the upper-left corner of the back of the T2i.

2. Rotate the Main Dial (near the shutter release button on top of the camera) until the Set-up 2 menu is highlighted. It's marked by a wrench with two dots next to it, as shown in Figure 1.9.

3. Use the up/down cross keys to move the highlighting down to the Date/Time entry.

4. Press the Set button in the center of the keypad to access the Date/Time setting screen, shown in Figure 1.10.

5. Use the left/right cross keys to select the value you want to change. When the gold box highlights the month, day, year, hour, minute, or second format you want to adjust, press the Set button to activate that value. A pair of up/down pointing triangles appears above the value.

6. Press the up/down cross keys to adjust the value up or down. Press the Set button to confirm the value you've entered.

7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 for each of the other values you want to change. The date format can be switched from the default mm/dd/yy to yy/mm/dd or dd/mm/yy.

8. When finished, navigate with the right cross key to select either OK (if you're satisfied with your changes) or Cancel (if you'd like to return to the Set-up 2 menu screen without making any changes). Press Set to confirm your choice.

9. When finished setting the date and time, press the Menu button to exit.

Figure 1.9

Choose the Date/Time entry from the Set-up 2 menu.

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