M ShutterAE lock button Remote control Disable

Figure 5.16

The Movie 1 menu has five entries.

a group of clips you've shot, go ahead and select Enable, and then remove the out-of-focus portions later. If you want to end up with a continuous movie clip without "arty" focus changes (intentional or otherwise), I recommend leaving this setting on Disable.

■ Shutter/AE lock button. This controls the function of the AE lock button (located on the back of the camera and marked with a * icon) during movie shooting, just as C.Fn IV-09 sets the function for still shooting, as described in Chapter 3. Your options are similar:

■ AF/AE lock. Pressing the shutter halfway executes and locks autofocus; the * button locks exposure. This is the normal set-up.

■ AE lock/AF. Pressing the shutter release halfway locks exposure; pressing the * button locks autofocus. This setting swaps the action of the two buttons compared to the normal operation.

■ AF/AF lock, no AE lock. Pressing the AE lock button interrupts the autofocus and locks focus in AI Servo mode. Exposure is not locked at all until the actual moment of exposure when you press the shutter release all the way. This mode is handy when moving objects may pass in front of the camera (say, a tight end crosses your field of view as you focus on the quarterback) and you want to be able to avoid change of focus. Note that you can't lock in exposure using this option.

■ AE/AF, no AE lock. Pressing the shutter release halfway locks in autofocus, except in AI Servo mode, in which you can use the * button to start or stop autofocus. Exposure is always determined at the moment the picture is taken, and cannot be locked.

■ Remote control. Use this setting to enable/disable use of the optional RC-6, while using Movie mode. The remote can be used to stop and start recording, or to take a still photo during movie shooting. Set the shooting timing switch on the remote to 2 and press the transmit button to stop/start shooting. Move the switch to Immediate shooting and press transmit to take a still photo.

Digital Camera and Digital Photography

Digital Camera and Digital Photography

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