Placing the Shutter in the Locked and Fully Upright Position for Landing

Make sure you're using a fully charged battery or the optional AC Adapter Kit ACK-E8.

1. Remove the lens from the camera and then turn on the camera.

2. Set the Rebel T2i to any one of the Creative Zone exposure modes. The shutter cannot be locked open in any of the Basic Zone modes.

3. You'll find the Clean manually menu choice in the Set-up 2 menu under Sensor cleaning. Press the Set button.

4. Select OK and press Set again. The mirror will flip up and the shutter will open. (See Figure 9.7.)

5. Use one of the methods described below to remove dust and grime from your sensor. Be careful not to accidentally switch the power off or open the memory card or battery compartment doors as you work. If that happens, the shutter may be damaged if it closes on your cleaning tool.

6. When you're finished, turn the power off, replace your lens, and switch your camera back on.

With the mirror locked up and the shutter open, the sensor is available for manual cleaning.

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Digital Camera and Digital Photography

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