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Who hasn't marveled at a time-lapse photograph of a flower opening, a series of shots of the moon marching across the sky, or one of those extreme time-lapse picture sets showing something that takes a very, very long time, such as a building under construction.

You probably won't be shooting such construction shots, unless you have a spare T2i you don't need for a few months (or are willing to go through the rigmarole of figuring out how to set up your camera in precisely the same position using the same lens settings to shoot a series of pictures at intervals). However, other kinds of time-lapse photography are entirely within reach.

Although the Rebel T2i can't take time-lapse/interval photographs all by itself, if you're willing to tether the camera to a computer (a laptop will do) using the USB cable, you can take time-lapse photos using the EOS Utility software furnished with your camera. (See Figure 5.26.) For example, you can set the self-timer for a specific period of time, then take a specified number of exposures at one second intervals. Or, you can set a delay period that must elapse before the T2i begins a long exposure. Finally, you can choose to shoot a set number of pictures at intervals from 1 second to 99 hours, 59 minutes, and 59 seconds.

If you want freedom to shoot anywhere, Opteka (www.opteka.com) offers a reasonably affordable add-on (around $100) with much more than the self-timer and remote control features mentioned previously. In fact, it has several different modes with an interesting array of delay/interval combinations for time-lapse photography and interval shooting. For example, you can set a delay period that must elapse before the T2i begins

The EOS Utility can control time-lapse photography with a tethered camera.

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Digital Camera and Digital Photography

Digital Camera and Digital Photography

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